Environmental Crimes “The E-waste”

In modern life many different countries produce new electronic technology and other buy that technology but the question is, where do people go with the electronic waste after it is not working as good as before? In many different sources such as (Jacopo Ottaviani) article about E-waste Republic it showed in details where e-waste go, to what countries, and how do people deal with it. For example in  developing country, also called a less developed country or an underdeveloped country, is a nation or a sovereign state with a less developed industrial base and a low Human Development Index (HDI) relative to other countries. Such as countries in Africa  (West African country of Ghana
) who are  more likely to take the e-waste and recycle it. However, such a small amount of tons of e-waste are recycling around 15.5% in 2014.

Although Ghana is one of the best examples of countries who is recycling e-waste as a business but it has a high amount of environmental issues such as pollution. “Men and children extract copper, aluminium and other materials – using methods that are harmful to health and the environment.”

Agbogbloshie is the world’s biggest e-waste dumpsite and is located close to Accra (http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/inpictures/2014/01/pictures-ghana-e-waste-mecca-2014130104740975223.html)





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