E-waste blog post

E-waste was increasing with this development society. As we know, everyday, people are using electron equipment to work or study. They cannot avoid these equipment which will not be useful, and people will throw them away and buy or produce new one. Year by year, The E-waste problem is making up, people have already notice that, but they have not using right way to deal with E-waste problem. Ottaviani use data and visualizations to show how big problem it is. He across chart and material to tell people E-waste still can figure out. After I read his article, the E-waste always happened in the countries who has more population and developed economy. Such as China and USA. That is a big challenge for Chinese and American government how to meet E-waste problem. I believe with the help of every government and all people, E-waste problem will be decreased, our earth will more and more beautiful. Let us do this together, save E-waste.


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