I believe Zac’s Freight Elevator is both obscenity, and art at the same time.

The whole project is purely amazing showing various human quality and traits.I think it reflects “us” showing the most random interesting gifs to sexual beautiful content all the way to grotesque, bloody, disgusting ones.It’s humanity as a whole, we are cruel and vile by DNA, he shows that by creating gifs containing blood, violence, anger, murder.At the same time, it’s in our blood to conduct intercourse, and reproduce.He shows this through his obscene sexual gifs.Even the gifs containing anime were ultimately imagined and created by people.Those directly reflect the blood and gore, but gentle, fragile, human nature as well.

Another artist Dennis Cooper also shows this through the art work consisting of things being incinerated. When something is lit on fire, and it is burning, that object is being destroyed. Changed from one thing to another, from an object to ashes, from something to nothing, but that nothing can become something.I believe people find beauty in that such as myself.It reflects that, something you knew can change in one heartbeat, it can be destroyed and taken away. Many people can relate to that in real life situations such as someone dear passing, or the love of your life leaving.

A mystical creature like a phoenix is said to burn up in flames when they are reborn.I believe when people created the story of a phoenix they were fascinated by that exact same idea.

Back to Zac’s art work, it’s an amazing art piece due to the fact that he pulls all these different scenes from different videos, or animations, and puts them together in the form of a story.At the same time trying to recreate real life which is full of sex, booze, love, and violence/murder. Because of that, I believe that his artwork is not just art but obscene as well. Due to the level of sympathy, empathy the the quality of work combined with how relatable some of the gifs can be.

Being technical, yes, his work consists of many R-rated content. Though I believe that is up to the viewer to either consider it something that is simple as porn, or that it’s a message from one human to another that contains more than just the quality of lust. That it has a back story to it that is left for the viewer to decide. When it comes down, many people were touched by that work, and because of that, it’s considered art. Sure some people will look at it, and not understand a thing, or dare to call it art. But enough people has received a message and found it interesting enough to consider it something.


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