Final Post

For my GIF collection, I decided to do something that I can mostly personally relate with. Going through University right now, I decided to make mine on the life that I lived for roughly a semester when I first came to this school & express that through my GIFs which I know many other people…Read more Final Post


Gif Poem

Not once did I ever think that I would be asked to used gifs in an academic course, especially in college. When the opportunity presented itself I was extremely excited to be able to express creativity in such a new, modern way. Once I discovered the website giphy, it was quite exciting exploring the archives of…Read more Gif Poem

Blog Post 4

Typically, when directed to read a novel thoughts of dread float into one’s mind due to the connotation a “novel” has. However, in the case of Dennis Cooper, this is false. In an attempt to create something entirely unique and never done before, Cooper created a novel composed entirely out of gifs. The novel has…Read more Blog Post 4

Oops: A Gif Poem

Upon deciding what themes I should base my poem on, I chose to relate my poem to vices. These very visually captivating gifs allow for the audience to look and understand where some of these vices come from or one may be able to connect various gifs to understand the message better. There are many perceptions…Read more Oops: A Gif Poem


I get those goosebumps Every time you come around yeah you ease my mind For my GIF poem, I decided to do the Haiku style of poetry, represented through GIF’s that depict a poem based off one of my favorite songs, “Goosebumps” by Travis Scott. I originally wanted to try the Cento format for my…Read more Goosebumps