Course Info

Digital Technology & Culture 101
Summer 2017, CUE 407
M-F, 9am to 10:15am


Instructor:                  David Squires
Office:                         Avery 321
Office Hours:             Monday through Friday: 10:15am – 11am



Course Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Perform humanistic inquiry in combination with computational methods
  • Assess information and cite sources
  • Engage in collaborative and project-based learning
  • Practice creative design and analysis of digital media
  • Demonstrate awareness of technological history in relationship to cultural difference



Required Materials


  • Course readings available through links on Schedule and on Blackboard Learn


  • Access to a computer and the Internet
  • and Piktochart accounts (Google recommended)
  • Audacity software for sound editing
  • Headphones (nothing fancy necessary)
  • Writing instrument appropriate for in-class writing
  • Flash drive or backup storage for safekeeping digital work

Note: Save all the work you do during the summer. You can clear your files in August. Until then, you never know what may prove to be useful. Periodically save different versions of your work so that you have a record of its progress.