Week 1

Monday 6/19
Welcome. Go over syllabus and discuss course expectations. Talk about first phones.

Homework: Read about how to dispose of e-waste in Pullman at the PDS website, then read about the international efforts to clean up e-waste at the EPA website. Be sure to read the “Understanding E-Waste” tab in particular. These pages will serve as starting points for the research we do for Project 1, so pay attention to the additional resources they link to and keep track of the pages.


Tuesday 6/20
Discuss e-waste and Project 1. Look at the StEP E-Waste World Map, both for e-waste numbers and “regulatory instruments.”

Homework: Read the Electronics TakeBack Coalition pages on Federal Legislation of e-waste and Federal Administrative Policy on e-waste. We’ll discuss the difference in class tomorrow.


Wednesday 6/21
Discuss legislation and policy on e-waste. Watch the Story of Electronics and look at Chris Jordan photography.

Homework: Sign up for a free Piktochart account. Watch the Demo and start playing around with some of its features. Then look at Siege Media’s 100 Best Infographics curated list. Pick your favorite and be prepared to talk about it in class tomorrow.


Thursday 6/22
Look at 100 Best Infographic examples and discuss data visualization. Watch Chris Jordan TED Talk. Quick Piktochart demo.

Homework: Start scraping data from ETBC’s Facts & Figures, StEP’s World Map, and the UNU’s Monitor Report. Feel free to use additional sources, if you’d like. Just keep track of where you gather information. You will need to cite sources.


Friday 6/23
Lab Day: Meet at CDSC (fourth floor Holland). Begin building spreadsheets. More work with Piktochart.

Homework: Read Jacopo Ottaviani’s web documentary “E-Waste Republic.” Pay attention to how Ottaviani uses data and visualizations. How is the information here similar to or different than the information we’ve already encountered? How is the story Ottaviani tells similar to or different than the stories about e-waste we encountered during the first week of research? Write a blog post that connects the global problem of e-waste to more local or regional concerns. Feel free to incorporate personal anecdotes and be sure to follow general blogging instructions for our course page. Blog Post #1 due Sunday, June 25 at 11:59pm.