Week 2

Monday 6/26
Due: Blog Post #1
Discuss the Ottaviani web documentary and first blog posts. Discuss elements of argument, and how visual materials can make an argument stronger or more compelling.

Homework: Keep working on your infographic. When you need a break from that, check out Fabrice Monteiro’s photo project The Prophecy. We’ll discuss those images in class tomorrow. You can read more about them at The Mantle in the meantime.


Tuesday 6/27
Watch the Prophecy Documentary. Compare and contrast Fabrice Monteiro with Chris Jordan. Go over citations for infographics.

Homework: Continue working on your infographic.


Wednesday 6/28
Due: Project 1
Lab day: Meet at CDSC to finish working on infographics. Double check citations.

Homework: Finish your infographic. Download it as an image file (PNG or JPG, I don’t care which). Email me the file as an attachment. I will add these to a gallery on our course page. If you want public recognition for your work, add your name somewhere inside the infographic—as a byline near the top or bottom. Due tonight by 11:59pm.


Thursday 6/29
Look at final infographics. Discuss next unit and Project 2.

Homework: Read Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture (book pages 17-30 and 95-115). Pay attention to how he defines “free culture” and its importance for creative production. Also pay attention to his explanation of “fair use.” Be sure to take notes—print these selections out if that helps. You’ll be writing a blog post about this next week, so you’ll want to keep track of quotable material or interesting facts.


Friday 6/30
Discuss Lessig, copyright, and free culture. Prepare for Week 3.